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Uploads: Managing your Logos, Slider Images and Company Logos dynamically.


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Uploads Images

From this section, you can manage or upload new images for Sliders, Site Logo and Company Logos. Once uploaded, SET AS option will be shown to assign an image to specific type such as site logo, slider or company logo. Deleting of any image option is given to Super Admin.

While uploading an image, you get the following option.

Type of Image: You need to select the type for the image which you are uploading.

Upload New Image: Browse file from your local computer and select the image which you want to upload. Recommended image size for

a) Site Logo: 165px / 24px.

b) Slider Images: 900px / 500px.

Image Preview: Once you select the image from your local system, the preview of the image will be shown without uploading to the server.


Note: If you are uploading larger size than the recommended size, system will resize it the desired recommended size. So, if you have bigger image, do not worry, just upload, system will take care of it.


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