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Troubleshoot Installation

Troubleshoot Installation

Check list for troubleshooting Installation.




  1. Make sure OBAAS server requirements are met.
  2. Make sure, required folders are writable.
  3. If database is not created, then the importing of SQL file is failed. Make sure, you followed installation instructions properly.

Shared Server

If you are one shared server and you get blank pages when you open the pages, then you may need the following setup to be done by your host.

Values to be added in /etc/my.cnf


And also on your server config file, add this on the top of the file.

ini_set('mysql.connect_timeout', 300);
ini_set('default_socket_timeout', 300);

If all of the above is followed and you still facing issues. Contact our tech team, they should be able to install it successfully.