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Selling Items – Products / Services

Selling Items – Products / Services

Products / Services Items: Add and manage your Products / Services Items.


Sales Items
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Managing Products / Services Items

From this section, you can view all your Products / Services Items and manage them.

Link to Edit Products / Services Items.

Delete Products / Services Items.

Adding Products / Services Items

Add New Item to populate automatically in Income section.

Item Code – Enter an item code for this item (optional).

Account Category – Select or create a category.

Description – Item name of your products / services.

Quantity – Item name of your products / services.

Price per unit – Adding your price per unit goes like this. Eg: You sell 10 apples as an item in a box. Total Cost Price of the 10 apples box is $10 and each apple costs $1. Now, you have to add 10 in quantity field and $1 in Price per unit field without any taxes.

Status – Enable / Disable the status.


Editing of Products / Services Item records remains as same as adding new Products / Services Item.

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