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Payment Gateway Settings

Payment Gateway Settings

Payment Gateway Settings: Setting up your Payment Gateways.


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PayPal Payment Gateway

You need to enable and input few required fields in order to accept payment from PayPal Payment Gateway.

Enable PayPal: Enable / Disable PayPal Payment Gateway to accept payments.

PayPal Email: Enter PayPal email address to accept payment from your customers for pending payments.

Notify Email: Here is where you put your personal/team E-mail ID for all kinds of PayPal Payment notifications such as Successful payments, failed payments, etc.,

Currency: Currency accepted for PayPal payments

Enable Sandbox: If you enable this, you can test your PayPal payment gateway.
You can enable sandbox testing before you offer this service to your client. PayPal provides sandbox accounts to test actual payments where in, you can log and record the data. More info here.


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