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Though this option is not required in our existing system, we still provided for all the clients to create/manage/edit Invoices manually. As our current system will auto generate an invoice when you add an income entry. Hence this may be deprecated in future versions unless we receive too many upvotes to keep it in the system. Anyway, lets go ahead and learn about the features of our Online Invoicing system.

Managing, Adding and Editing Invoice

Creating New Invoices Online

If you have multiple companies created under Company Menu in your admin panel. Then as you click on Create Invoice then it will take you to a page to select a company first. If you have not added any company yet, then you can go to Company -> Billing Companies -> Create Billing Company.

Select Company to Create Invoice

After selecting the required billing company then you can create invoice online using the following fields.

Create Invoice

Default Billing Company’s name and address will be shown.

Default Billing Company’s Logo will be displayed.

Select Buyer from the drop down list to generate invoice. (Customers should be registered or you should add them manually using Company -> Customers/Buyers -> Create New Customer). Upon the selection of your customer, customer’s details will be shown such as Company Name, Address, Phone and other necessary details.

Status: Select the status of the Invoice such as Paid/Pending, etc.,

Invoice Numbering: Pre-defined Invoice Prefix of the selected company and then you can enter the desired Invoice number in the Invoice number input.

Purchase Order Number: Optional, if you need to enter the purchase order number then you can enter it here.

Dated: The date of the invoice to be present when you send it to your customer.

Template: You can select the invoice template style. (You can also upload your own style, ask us how)

Description: Enter the buyer’s purchase description.

Quantity: Enter the buyer’s purchase quantity.

Rate: Enter product/services rate per unit basis.

Line Total: Line Total will be auto summed by the system.

You can create add additional rows for multiple purchases. Just click on Add Another Row to add multiple products/services.

Sub-Total: Sub-total option is auto calculated by the system.

Shipping Charges: You can add this manually if you are charging for shipping. (optional)

Discount: You can add this manually if you are offering discounts, etc.,. (optional)

Tax: Enter the tax percentage without percent sign.

Grand Total: Grand Total option is auto calculated by the system.

Special Notes and Instructions: If you want to add any special notes or instructions to your buyer then you can add them here.

Terms: This is a pre-populated terms for invoice will be shown.

Recurring Invoice: If you want the invoice to be recurred then you can check this option and further set up for recurring invoice.

Recurring Invoice

Title: Give a title to remember to manage in recurring invoices.

Repeat: You can repeat as per the drop down options such as every 7 days, 15 days, monthly, quarterly, etc., Once you select it then an auto generated invoice will be sent as per your repeat days selection.

Start Date: From when should the recurring invoice should be set to.

End Date: When the recurring invoice should end.

That’s it! Click on Save Changes to generate invoice.

Managing Invoices Online


Manage Invoice

  • Generated Invoices can be easily managed using Manage Invoices Page. You can do the following:
  • View summary of all the generated invoices.
  • Send/Download Column: You get 4 options from this column.
    • You can preview the invoice.
    • You can generate and send Invoice to the customer.
    • Send Invoice in HTML format via Email.
    • Print the invoice.
  • Action Column:
    • Edit the Invoice.
    • Delete the Invoice.
    • Duplicate the Invoice.
  • Search:
    • You can search using customer username.
    • Search through DB invoice IDs.
    • Search through Actual Invoice IDs.

Editing Invoice:

The fields are all same as creating new invoice, change the required field as per your requirement.