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Initial Setup

Initial Setup

Initial Setup: What you need to do after successful OBAAS installation.

Before starting your accounting and billing transactions, please go to the following Menu in your OBAAS script and setup the required field values which are required for smooth transactions. The following are very important ones, please setup as per given step by step.


OBBAS Initial Setup


Settings > Basic Settings > Basic Tab

Siteinfo: Set up your Site name, Site Slogan, Site E-mail, Notification E-mail, Site Logo URL, E-mail Sent From.

Settings > Accounting Settings > Accounting Tab

Accounting and Billing: Default Currency, Default Money Separator, Decimal Point, Unique Invoice No. Required, Invoice Money Format.

Settings > Locale > Locale Settings

Locale: Set up your default timezone, default site language for customers, date and time format.

Settings > E-mail > E-mail Settings Tab

E-mail: Set up your email footer, email content type, unsubscribe notice, address and phone.

Settings > E-mail > SMTP Settings Tab

SMTP: Set up your default sending type. Eg: PHPMAIL() or SMTP, if SMTP selected, enter the SMTP credentials.

Settings > Paypal

Paypal: Set up your paypal credentials.

Settings > CRON Automation > Cron Token

Regenerate Token: You need to regenerate a new token and then set up a CRON job.

Settings > CRON Automation > Automation

Automation: You need to select companies to send automated invoices, enable/disable automated invoice, enable/ disable daily accounting summary mail, enable/disable recurring invoice mail which are sent to your customers.

Settings > CRON Automation > Cron Setup

Cron Setup: Select your desired type of setting your CRON. If you have a cpanel, go to CRON settings and create the CRON job using the given command by pasting and selecting the time.

Company > Accounting Categories

Categories: Add / Edit Categories for Accounting and Billing.

Company >Billing Companies > Create New Billing Company

New Company: At least you need to add one company details.

Settings > Accounting Settings > Income Categories Tab

Income Categories: Select the categories for total income calculation, you can select multiple.

Company > Manage Billers > Add New Biller

New Supplier / Biller: You need to add at least one supplier. (required for expenses)

Company > Manage Customers > Add New Customer

Customer: You need to add at least one supplier. (required for income, expenses and invoices)

Company >Manage Bank Accounts > Add New Bank Account

Bank Account: You need to add  at least one bank account or petty account. (required for income and expenses)

Company > Manage Fiscal Years > Create New

Fiscal Year: You need to add at lease one financial year dates.

Company > Manage Payment Status > Create Payment Status

Payment Status: Default 2 payment status added by OBAAS, if you need extra status like part-payment, then you can add here.

Company > Manage Payment Mode > Create Payment Mode

Payment Mode:  You can set cash/check/wire transfer/ etc.,

Company > Manage Taxes > Create Tax

Taxes You can set up your default tax categories.

Admin > Manage Employees > Add New Employee

Employee You can set up your staff / employees for their sales performance.


These are the basic settings needed to start your billing and accounting site. Apart from the above mentioned, you need to also take time in setting up the following menus.

  • Settings > Front Page
  • Settings >Site Pages
  • Settings >Sliders
  • Settings >Footer Widgets


Most of the inputs always explained with popover, so you would get to know about OBAAS feature very easily. Just as shown in screenshot below.