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Expenses: Here, you can easily keep track of your expenses incurred.




Managing, Adding and Editing Expenses.

Creating new expense has been explained in the below fields.

Expense Date: Select Date for this expense transaction. Date format MM/DD/YYYY.

Type: Select or create an Expense Type. Example: Advertising, Phone Bills etc.

Create New Category: As per your requirement new category of expense can be added here.

Item Description: Enter Expense’s Item Description.

Quantity: Enter the quantity for this expense.

Base Price: Enter the base price per unit wise. This value will be multiplied with quantity.

Sub Total: Values automatically calculated from Base Price and Quantity.

Tax: Select Tax Type Applied.

Tax Amount: Tax Automatically calculated from the Sub Total Amount.

TDS Deducted Percentage: Enter the percentage, vendor has deducted. Use a number.

TDS Deducted Amount: TDS Deducted Amount Automatically calculated.

Discount Percentage: Enter the discount percentage, vendor has offered. Use a number.

Discount Amount: Discount Amount offered by vendor.

Shipping Amount: Enter Shipping Amount charged by vendor.

Grand Total: Grand Total Automatically calculated.

Select Biller: Select Vendor for this expense.

Create New Biller: For your convenient use, you can easily add new biller names.

Payment Paid From: Select the company which you have paid from…

Payment Paid By: Select the payment paid by mode.

Paid from Bank: Select the bank which payment is made from.

Cheque / Reference No.: Enter instrument number or check number or bank reference number for payment clearance.

Bill / Invoice No.: Enter Vendor’s Invoice / Bill number for this Expense.

Payment Status: Mark payment as paid or pending.


Managing Expenses:

New Feature:

Duplicate Expense Record: If you always happen to pay the same amount to your suppliers, then you do not have to create expenses all over again. Just go to Manage Expenses page. Search supplier or biller’s username in the biller search field, when the record appears then you see an icon as Clone / Copy, click on it. Easily, the new expense will be duplicated with current’s date.

Duplicate Expense Records
Click on Copy Icon to Duplicate Expense record

Note: All details will be exact as previous one, hence you need to edit your bill number, payment reference number and if other details are changed such as bank, company, then you may have to change that as well as per your requirement.

Rest you can view all important fields mentioned, to view additional details click on MORE INFO button. You can also export your expense report in XLS and PDF format.

Note: While exporting, keep the date range to monthly basis rather than selecting the entire year. It is recommended to download monthly expense report in XLS and PDF format using the search date from and date to option.