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Email Templates Settings

Email Templates Settings

E-Mail Templates  Setting: Setting up your basic outgoing email Templates.

Email Templates
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You can edit and manage outgoing E-mail templates from your Admin Panel.

Type of E-mail Templates available are:

1) Invoice PDF Attachment Email
2) Registration Mail
3) Welcome Mail After Email Confirmation
4) HTML Invoice Email
5) Estimate PDF Attachment Email
6) HTML Estimate Email
7) Resend Confirmation Mail
8) Forgot Password
9) Successful Payment to Customer
10)Newsletter Email Confirmation
11)Create New User from Admin Panel
12)Email Confirmation for Changed Email from User’s Profile Page
13)Resend Confirmation Mail by Admin
14)Private Message from Admin
15)Support Query Answered

You can edit as per your choice and also you can use variable (shortcode) to replace with default assigned values.

For example: {USERNAME} will be replaced with your Customer’s Username.

Editing of E-mail template is quite easy, click on Edit button and Edit the Subject and Mail Body Content as per your requirement.

Make sure, you select the E-mail type for Admin’s, it has to be Admin Notification and for Customers, it has to be User Notification.

Currently, all E-mail Templates are given for User Notification.


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