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E-Mail Settings

E-Mail Settings

E-Mail Settings: Setting up your basic outgoing email settings.


Email Settings
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Outing E-Mail Settings:

Important Note: You need SMTP settings to be enabled if you want to send Attachments in the mail. For example, sending out PDF Invoice to your customer in an attachment.

Email Footer Copyright: Add your Copyright Notice in all the Outgoing E-mails in the footer section. You can use {currentyear} shortcode to add YEAR dynamically.

Email Footer Unsubscribe Notice: You can add your Unsubscribe Notice in the outgoing E-mail footer. You can use shortcodes such as {SITENAME) for your Site Name and {BASEURL} for your main domain URL.

Email Footer Address & Phone: You can add your address and phone or email address in the outgoing E-mail footer.

Mail Body Template Type: We have given 2 options for sending out E-mail as Plain HTML or with Pre-made Template.

SMTP E-Mail Settings:

Mailer Type: Select the type of email needs to be set fron the dropdown. PHPMAIL or SMTP.

Learn more about PHPMAIL() at or about SMTP at

Enable SMTP: Enable or Disable SMTP from the dropdown.

From Name: From NAME for Outgoing E-mails for SMTP E-mail.

From Email: From E-MAIL address for Outgoing E-mails for SMTP E-mail.

SMTP Host: Enter your mail server host name.

SMTP Port: What is the SMTP port to be used for outgoing Mails.

SMTP Username: Your SMTP E-mail username.

SMTP Password: Your SMTP E-mail password.


Now lets move on to E-Mail Templates Settings page.