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Customers: Managing your unlimited customers has never been easy.


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Managing Customers

From this section, you can view all your customers and manage them.

Activate/Deactivate the customer.

Confirm the E-mail verification if customer has not done so.

Link to Edit Customer.

Delete Customer: When you delete, all information regarding that client will be deleted. For example, invoice transactions, estimate transactions, income transactions, profile, PDF invoices and all other pertaining records. Choose to delete wisely. You cannot retrieve that information once deleted.

Login as Customer: You can login as customer front end and view the panel as your customer does.


Adding Customers from Admin Panel

E-Mail – Enter New Customer’s Email address carefully.

Username – Enter New Customer’s username for login and billing purpose.

Password – Add a password for your customer.

Full Name – Contact Person’s Name for Billing and Accounting.

Company Name – Important for Invoice Billing and Accounting purpose.

Full Address – Important for Accounting and Billing Purposes.

Phone – Contact number where you can reach your customer.

Mobile – Customer mobile to reach via text and call.

Website – Enter it for your records.

Customer ID – You can create an ID for this customer for billing and accounting purposes. Optional

Send Email to user with login details: If you tick this option, then you can send login details overĀ  an E-mail.


Editing of customer records remains as same as adding new customer.


Lets move on to Billers / Suppliers.