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CRON Automation

CRON Automation

CRON Automation: Set up your CRON jobs and know about its settings.



CRON Automation
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CRON Automation

There are 3 individual tabs contain different form. When you edit, you need to save each form individually.

1st tab: CRON Token.

2nd tab: CRON Settings.

3rd tab: CRON Setup.



With the Security token, no other guys will not know about and he cannot run the script directly from the browser. Hence security token needs to be generated. Make sure, after your purchase, you regenerate the token and then set up the CRON job.


CRON Token


CRON Settings

Select Companies for Automated Invoices: If you have multiple companies created, select which are the companies needs to send out the invoice after you create the income transaction. CRON job will send the invoice automatically at the CRON set time.

Enable Automated Invoice: Only after enabling this, CRON will run the script and sends out the invoice.

Daily Accounting Summary Mail: If you enable this, it will send a total income and total expense account of last day records.

Daily Recurring Invoice Mail: If you enable this, CRON will send automated recurring invoices if you have one.



In this section, you will be given options to setup your CRON job. Select as per your host recommendation and set the same. Set the timing as per suggested which is appended to the text field.


CRON Setup

End of Settings Configuration.