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Billing Companies

Billing Companies

Billing Companies: The companies you own are used in Billing Companies. This information is used for billing and accounting purposes. In this section, we will know about to Manage and Adding / Editing your Billing Companies.


Billing Companies
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Managing Billing Companies

From this section, you can view all your added companies.

You can edit your company and its records anytime.

Shortcut link to redirect to create an invoice.

Deleting of unwanted companies.

Search with any components.


Adding New Billing Company

As shown in the screenshot, there are simple values to be filled and you will be up and ready to start your accounting transaction for new adding company.

Invoice Prefix: If you want a default value for all your Invoices for the adding company, then mention it here. Enter invoice prefix. Eg: PTC-CMS- or INV-JAN

Company Name: Enter company name to display on Invoices / Estimates.

Company Address: Enter company address to display on Invoices / Estimates.

Company Email: Enter company email to display on Invoices / Estimates.

Company Phone: Enter company phone to display on Invoices / Estimates.

Logo URL: You can upload a logo for the newly adding company. This logo will be displayed on all Invoices / Estimates.

Your Official Website: Enter company website to display on Invoices / Estimates.

Currency Code: Enter official currency code to display on Invoices / Estimates. Ex: USD/INR.

Currency Symbol: Enter official currency Symbol to display on Invoices / Estimates. Ex: $ / ₹.

Invoice Terms: Enter special instructions to display on the Invoices / Estimates footer.

Tax Number: Enter company’s tax registration to display on Invoices / Estimates.

PAN Number: Enter company’s/individual <b>PERMANENT ACCOUNT NUMBER</b> to display on invoice.

Watermark Image: You can upload an image with lesser opacity to display on all  Invoices / Estimates as watermark. Your image could be your company logo or as PAID, etc.,


Editing information also same as Adding a new company.


Lets move on to Customers