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Basic Settings

Basic Settings

Basic settings: Here on this page, you will change all basic settings of your front end site and admin end site. Know what you can do on this page.


Basic Settings
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Note: All tabs contain single form, so save changes once after editing on all tabs.

This means you can make changes on all TABS such as Basic, Social, Mass Newsletter, Customer Dashboard and save the change all at once.


Site Name

Name of your site / business. Make sure, you choose wisely as this is seen by your customers and search engines.


Website Slogan

Slogan or description of your business / site.


Site Logo URL

Upload or enter a Image URL path, Ex:


Admin Notification E-Mail

This is the default E-mail for an ADMIN to receive any kind of notification from the system. Be sure to enter the email which you always use so that you can receive the notification and you wont miss the same. Ex:


Site E-Mail (MAIL FROM)

This is the default E-mail for all customers and notifications will be sent FROM.  This is basically a FROM E-mail address. You can use it such as admin/ Make sure you do not use same E-mail address for Admin Notification E-mail and Site E-mail

E-mail Sent From Name

This is the default E-Mail FROM Name for all your outgoing E-mails such as MYSITENAME or MYBRANDNAME
Records per page

Maximum rows to display on all transactions or records when you fetch the list from the database. You can select it from dropdown. Recommended is 25.


Allow Member Login

You can enable or disable customer login for front end site customers. Customers wont be able to login when you disable it.


Allow Member Registration

You can enable or disable customer’s new registrations for front end site customers. Customers wont be able to register when you disable it. But there is an option to Add new customers from admin panel which you can make use of when you disable it.


Sidebar Position

Sidebar position is for front end site customers, you can choose the sidebar position RIGHT or LEFT for your front end site.


Enable Footer Widget

If you enable footer widget, you can add site links or other important information as per your requirement for your front end site customers. If  you have enabled this, then you can add widget information from


Enable Captcha

Captcha protects spam from bots, if you enable this option, then for new registrations on front end site, captcha will be shown to verify human participation.


System Logs

If you enable this option, major activities will be logged and you can view the activities at System Logs from System Menu.


Page Loader Animation

If you enable this, your Admin panel will be enabled with page loader animation during the page load.


Enable Site RTL

If your language floats from Right To Left, then enable this.


Google Analytics ID

Want to enable Google Analytics on your site, you can add your Google Analytics ID here.



Following social links will show up in the front end site for customers and search engines to get fans and likes for your social networking.

Twitter Username

Your Complete Twitter URL. Eg:


Facebook Username

Your Complete Facebook page or profile URL.


Linkedin Username

Your Complete Linkedin profile URL.


Google+ Username

Your Complete Google+ profile URL.


Mass Newsletter Tab


Set Test Email

Set test email to selected admins. Default is 1; You can change to another admin account to test email before you send out in mass.


Enable Max Emails per Batch

Sending thousands of emails at once can get you blacklisted from Mail Providers, hence if you enable this, it will send out in batches.


Max Emails Per Batch

If you have enabled Enable Max Emails per Batch then you can mention the maximum number of emails should be processed per batch.


Enable Newsletter Confirmation

There is a subscribe form for front end site visitors, if enabling this, mail would be sent to newsletter subscriber for email confirmation.


Customer Dashboard

Enable Customer Dashboard Notification

Enable / Disable Customer Dashboard Notification


Notice on User Dashboard

Here, you can set up your message for all your customers who logs on to your site. You can customize it with their username. Example is given in the textarea.


Now lets move on to Accounting Settings page.