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Bank Accounts / Petty

Bank Accounts / Petty

Bank / Petty Accounts: Add multiple bank accounts for any company. Manage your petty cash accounts easily.


Bank Accounts
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Managing Bank Accounts

From this section, you can view all your Bank Accounts and Petty Cash Account and manage them.

Link to Edit Bank Accounts and Last Bank Balance.

Delete Bank Accounts.

Adding Bank Accounts

Add New Bank Account for companies which are already created.

Company Name – Select company name to create bank account details.

Account Number – Enter bank’s account number.

Bank Name – Enter bank’s name for the selected company.

NEFT Code – Enter bank’s NEFT details.

Bank’s Nick Name – Enter short name of the bank to remember.

Branch Location – Enter bank’s branch location.

Branch City – Enter bank’s branch city.

Bank Address – Enter bank’s branch address.

Opening Balance – Please enter the opening balance in this account as on the starting of this account period. You can leave it as zero and modify this later, if you do not have this information at hand.


Editing of Bank Account records remains as same as adding new Bank Account.

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