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Accounting Billing Categories

Accounting Billing Categories

Accounting Billing Categories: Add and manage your Accounting and Billing Categories.


Accounting Billing Categories
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Managing Accounting Billing Categories

From this section, you can view all your Accounting Categories and manage them.

Link to Edit Accounting Categories and change the top categories.

Delete Accounting Categories.

Adding Accounting Billing Categories

Add Top level or 2nd level categories for your accounting purpose.

Parent Category – Select or create a Parent Category.

Category Name – Enter new Category Name.

Accounting Billing Categories Features

Category SEO URL can be set as per your requirement.

Add unlimited TOP level categories.

Add unlimited Sub categories.

Editing of Accounting Category records remains as same as adding new Accounting Category.

Changing option for Accounting Billing Categories SEO URL.

Viewing of Income Report based on accounting categories.

Detailed Expense Report based on accounting categories.

Consolidation of all categories report for rest of the entries.


Note: Deleting of top level category also deletes all its sub categories or you can shift those categories to new top level category before deleting the record.

Check out our free demo how billing and accounting categories work or download a free test copy to test it on your own server.

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