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Manage Multiple Companies

You ever wanted to manage billing and accounting of all your companies under one platform? Here you go, OBAAS gives you the comfort to manage single or multiple companies, even your personal account. How about that?

Multiple Companies

Customer Management

We keep you ahead with our
CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT features by managing your customer's purchases, invoicing, estimates/quotes, graphical representations, recurring invoicing, sending mails and SMS, etc.,

Customer Management

Income v/s Expenses

Stranded? OBAAS helps you in understanding your income and expenses. You can also know the tax payables and tax receivables from all your customers. Save money from your unwanted expenses by knowing Income v/s Expenses.

Income v/s Expenses

Own Banking Statements

OBAAS brings you the comfort of checking your bank balance and transactions at your finger tips. Based on your income, expense and transfer entries, you can view and export your banking statement from your own personal site.
How does that sound to you?



OBAAS has provided various reporting system where you can analyze your detailed income and expenses and be informed about your total accounting transactions. Reports like daily, monthly and yearly reports of income, purchases, taxation, expenses, etc.,


Duplicating Records

Trust us, you wont get tired with OBAAS, as you can easily duplicate records of your choice for all Invoices, Income, Expenses and Estimates. OBAAS saves your time for not entering the same transaction records again and again.

Duplicating Records

Edit Records Anytime

You have all the liberty of editing any records anytime. Most of the online software does not give you that liberty, but OBAAS gives you to edit records anytime of Income transactions, Expenses transactions and Bank Transfers transactions. All records will tally.

Edit Records

Faster Payments

Collect payments faster than ever. Give your customers an option to pay online or offline and immediately update accounting details. Payment gateways such as PayPal, Payza, can be used at your convenience. Default payment gateway is provided for PayPal.



OBAAS gives you major options to communicate with your customers such as E-mail and SMS. Send SMS and E-mail on the go, keep customers informed and get noticed.

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Support System

Organizations need to completely bolster the online client experience and provide them with quality online support. Help customers for any billing queries by communicating one to one with OBAAS's support feature.

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Multiple Languages

Customers are often required to make them understand in their own local language. OBAAS supports any language across the globe for customer end panel and front end site pages.

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Online Billing Software

OBAAS Script is always a win-win situation. If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Accountability is noted in measurement and accountability is key to Success.

Question often have many Answers, BE SURE TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONE.

Easy to Use

There's no compelling reason to invest energy or cash on extravagant accounting and billing software. OBAAS is easy to use and understand, right out of the box.

Tools Unlimited

OBAAS's accounting and billing tools make it simple and convenient to bill your customers and get paid. Our features gives you unlimited options to generate unlimited invoices for unlimited companies.

Great Performance

Execution of Web applications is influenced by numerous elements. Database access, record framework operations, system transmission capacity are all potential influencing components. OBAAS has attempted in each perspective to lessen the performance impact for greater performance.

OBAAS Support

We endeavor to give a fabulous administration as far as nature of work, opportune conveyance, proficient conduct, client administration and quality for cash. Therefore we trust that there will be no requirement for grievances. On the other hand, we perceive that where there is a human component and innovation included there is degree for mistake. We have in this way, set up a formal system to be followed in the case of an administration not being conveyed in accordance with our elevated expectations and the client's goals.

Online Billing Software

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