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Support: Documentation for Support System



Managing, Replying and Enabling Support System

You can enable / disable the support system from the manage support page.

A view of Mange Support page

ID: Database ID of support table.

Message From: Support message sent from username will be shown in this column.

Message To: Support message sent to username will be shown in this column.

Type: This columns shows you the type as Question/Query or Answer.

Message: Message from the user submitted.

Date: Support query/answer created date time.

Answered: Is support query answered then shows yes, else you can also mark as answered if you get multiple duplicate query.

Status: Active / Inactive status.

Action: Reply or Delete action can be taken from this column.


Replying the Support Query

On this page,

User submitted username will be shown.

User submitted query will be shown.

You can add Reply Answer for the shown support query.



Once customer submits qurey from the front end site, admin will be notified about the new support query.

Once admin replies to the support query from the admin panel, the customer will be notified to his registered email id.