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Send SMS

Send SMS

Communicating with your customers and they being updated about your services is an important factor for any business to grow. OBAAS has made sure and provided many options to update your customers and one among them is Texting your customers. We do not have to tell you, how SMS system is important and plays a vital role in the communication industry.

Send SMS to Members

Send SMS to Members

SMS Gateway Settings:

  • Default SMS gateway is added of
  • You need to sign up and buy SMS credits to be able to Text your customers.
  • You can add your SMS login credentials at /admin/sms.php?action=settings
  • You can also select the number of SMS to be sent per batch from the dropdown.

Note: We can also configure any SMS gateway at extra cost.

Send SMS Information:

Sender Name:

Enter your approved Sender Name from your SMS Gateway Provider.

Select Users:

  1. You can select all your registered members.
  2. Or you can select all users who had filled Contact Form.
  3. Or you can add comma separated mobile numbers.

Select Language:

You can select Unicode or Standard language English or send as an Flash SMS.

Send Type:

You have the option to send SMS immediately or schedule for later date.


Enter your English or Unicode SMS content in the message box


Once all the information is added to the form then you can click on Send SMS button to deliver the SMS to the selected recipients.


DLR is Delivery Report, from here you can manage your delivered SMS report. You can copy or delete the delivery report as per your convenience.

Manage Scheduled SMS

While sending SMS if you have scheduled for later date, then this is the page you can manage. You can reschedule or edit the content or delete if you do not want to send it.