Online Billing & Invoicing Software



Total Control & You OWN it!

OBAAS delivers you simple to use, unbranded
Online Billing And Accounting Software
(additional cost) which can be modified as per requirements. You can host this script on any of your website to create Billing and Accounting transactions online from anywhere. You are permitted to hold the complete control over the site’s full content and its functionality.

Quick and Easy Setup

You can install our software manually or automatically. If, for some reason, you want us to install the software, our professionals will help you out in installing the software on your given server.

Compliance to Professionals

Are you outgrown from your present surrey programming with poor backing. OBAAS is well prepared for cutting edge webmasters and gives adaptability to fit your needs. OBAAS numerous features.

Owned and Hosted

OBAAS can be hosted on your own server or you can decide to have our script hosted on the administrations maintained and managed by our team.

Admin Panel Features


  • Generate Unlimited Invoices.
  • Generate Invoices in PDF format.
  • Send HTML Invoice via E-mail.
  • Send PDF Invoice Attachment via E-mail.
  • Printing of Invoices option.
  • Download PDF Invoice option.

Estimates/ Quotes

  • Generate Unlimited Estimates / Quotes.
  • Generate Estimates in PDF format.
  • Send HTML Estimates via E-mail.
  • Send PDF Estimates Attachment via E-mail.
  • Printing of Estimates option.
  • Download PDF Estimates option.


  • Add Multiple Companies for Billing and Accounting.
  • Add Company’s individual logo for Invoices / Estimates.
  • Add default Billing Prefix.
  • Currency Code and Currency Symbol option.
  • Default Watermark image to show on invoices / estimates.
  • Default Invoice Terms.

Support System

  • 121 personal chat kind support system.
  • View unanswered support queries from top menu, TO DO icon.
  • View all tickets in Manage support page.
  • Reply to unanswered query.
  • Admin gets notified on E-mail when customer posts new query.
  • Customer gets notified on E-mail when admin replies the query.
  • Mark as Answered option available for admin.
  • Continue discussion as chat.
  • Customer can delete queries (but only gets hidden on customer panel). Final deletion can be done by admin only.


  • Unlimited Accounting Categories.
  • Add and Manage Income Transactions.
  • Add and Manage Purchases Transactions.
  • Add and Manage Expenses Transactions.
  • Add and Manage Bank Transfers Transactions.
  • Manage Bank Statements (View / Export).
  • Get Balances of all banks and your petty cash accounts.
  • Manage / Add unlimited products or services.
  • Manage / Add unlimited Suppliers / Billers.
  • Manage Petty Cash Accounting.
  • Manage Taxes.
  • Manage Payment modes.
  • Unique Reporting System for all types of transactions including employee’s sales performance.
  • Export all reports in PDF and Excel Format. (Manual Options for CSV and other formats)


  • Manage Super Admin and Staff Admin Roles.
  • Manage / Add Unlimited Customers.
  • Manage Site-wide Settings.
  • Manage / add Unlimited Site Pages (Front end pages).
  • Manage Payment Gateways.
  • Manage Home Page Sliders.
  • Manage Footer Widgets.
  • Manage CRON Automation.
  • Language Editing options in admin panel for customer panel.
  • Employee Management.
  • Support Management for customers.
  • Manage IP Banning.
  • Manage Newsletter Subscribers.
  • Manage Contact Form submitted Visitors.
  • Manage Deleting of Invoice files, Cache files and Database Backup files.
  • Manage Database Tables. (Repair / Truncate Database tables)
  • Manage System Logs.
  • Database Backup option.
  • View PHP configuration of your server.
  • Manage simple blogging. (Create Articles, Categories and Comments)
  • Manage and view Online Payments received.
  • View Customer Payments basis on Invoice payment status.
  • Default Currency options.
  • Default Date options.
  • Custom Customer Dashboard Notice.
  • Server-side and client-side validations on all form submissions.


  • Send E-mail using SMTP or PHPMAIL functions.
  • Manage E-mail Templates.
  • Newsletters Email Management.
  • SMS Announcements.
  • Send UNICODE SMS to all customers (Any Language).

Default Front Site Pages

Admin Controlled

  • Control 404 Page Error with your own words and design.
  • Home Page with many features with default design.
  • About Us page with default design.
  • FAQ page with accordion.
  • Contact us Page.
  • Terms and Conditions page.
  • Privacy page.
  • Apart from default pages, you can create UNLIMITED front site pages for your site visitors and customers..

Customer Panel Features

General Customer Features

  • New Registration. (If enabled by admin)
  • Login. (If enabled by admin)
  • Retrieve Password using Forgot Password.
  • Resend Confirmation Mail.
  • Profile Settings.
  • View Total Payments of all purchases.
  • Customer can submit support request.
  • Unsubscribe from E-mail Newsletters and SMS Announcements.


  • View Invoices and Estimates.
  • Download Invoice and Estimate in PDF format.
  • Customer can have it sent an HTML E-mail of Invoice and Estimate via E-mail.
  • Customer can have it sent an PDF Invoice Attachment of Invoice and Estimate via E-mail.
  • Printing of Invoices option.
  • If invoice is in pending status, customer can pay the Invoice amount using the assigned payment gateways.

Site Features

  • Site can be accessed in local languages.
  • Newsletter subscription.
  • Contact Form. Data gets saved in database and send notification email to admin.
  • Default pages such as Home page, About Us, Contact, Terms, Privacy, FAQ and same can be disabled by an admin.
  • All Site pages can be viewed which are created by admin with dynamic sidebar menu option.
  • Display of custom notification to any customer.
  • Google Analytics Code integration.
  • Blog Articles with comments.
  • Home Page Slider.
  • Footer Widgets across site.
  • Change default site’s language.
  • Responsive design.
  • Social links.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs.
  • Meta Tags.